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GHS 46th World Affairs Institute for Student Leaders

The following students represented Gateway High School and the Monroeville Rotary at the 46th World Affairs Institute for Student Leaders on November 15th: Sairah Aslam, Deeksha Sharma, Bennett Galia, Daniel Leitholf, Hera Mukhtar, Fawn Breakwell, Micah Symons, and Alan Kwong.

Over 300 student leaders from the tri-state area attended the Interact supported program. Each students was hand picked to represent their respective school and Rotary Club. Monroeville Rotary Club was generous enough to support 8 students through a club based scholarship program. A special thanks to Mr. Som Sharma for coordinating this through his club.

While at the Institute, students were presented with the main topic, "Foreign Policy Challenges for the New Administration". They had the opportunity to hear from very prominent speakers on timely topics regarding foreign policy. The keynote speaker, Dr. Lawrence Korb, was the Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Reagan and he administered about 70% of the defense budget at the time.

After hearing from several other speakers, the students were placed into groups and presented with a scenario very similar to one that the incoming administration could face. They were then asked to use their knowledge of the current issues, discuss, debate, and propose a solution to the scenario. Once they came up with a solution, one of the student leader presented it back to the panel and student body.

In the end, the students had an extremely immersive experience in current world affairs and felt like they were much more informed and involved in today's world.

As a final gesture of appreciation and gratitude, the student leaders will attend the Monroeville Rotary luncheon on Thursday, December 8th to share their experiences and thank the Rotarian's in person.